Decision Time

Speaker: Pastor Jay Childs
Scripture: Mark 8:27-9:50
Series: The Gospel of Mark

Sermon Notes

  1. The Confession (vv. 8:27-9:1)
  2. The Confirmation (vv. 9:2-32)
  3. The Call (vv. 9:33-50)

Discussion Questions

Download the questions as a printable PDF file.


Did you take the tithing challenge? If so, how is it going so far?


  1. Read Mark 8:27-30.
    • What was the theme of the sermon? What were the main points?
    • Why did Jesus ask His disciples this question? What was His point?
    • Why did He ask this question in this exact location?
    • Who is Jesus? How would you answer this for an unbeliever? (Other verses?)
  2. Read Mark 8:31-9:1.
    • Why would a suffering Messiah be so shocking to a Jew?
    • What does it mean—in practical terms—to “take up your cross”?
    • Why is an understanding of Jesus’ identity so important for suffering well?
    • In verse 36, what does it mean to “gain the world and lose your soul”? How do we do this?
  3. Read Mark 8:38.
    • Read Matthew 26:47-51. Why did Judas’ actions exclude him from Heaven?
    • Read Matthew 26:69-75. Why did Peter’s action not exclude him from Heaven?
  4. Read Mark 9:2-32.
    • What is the significance of Moses and Elijah appearing in this passage?
    • How do these stories confirm Jesus as Messiah? Why is this so important?
    • How does our view of Jesus authority impact our decision-making?
  5. Read Mark 9:33-50.
    • Read Genesis 3:6-13. Discuss the origins of self-centeredness. WHy are we so self-centered and selfish?
    • How is pride related to seflishness?
    • Read Daniel 4:28-33. Why does God hate pride so much?


What is a decision that you need to make and follow through on but have been putting off?  

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