Adult Bible Fellowships (ABFs) are smaller communities within our larger church family that are committed to knowing and applying God's Word together in the context of warm and caring fellowship. Most ABFs meet weekly on Sunday mornings, but they also band together through periodic socials, outreach projects, and missions trips. For a full listing, see the schedule below.

All of our ABFs are open to newcomers and visitors at any time. Stop by and see which group you connect with the most! Our ABF coordinator, Joe See, is also happy to talk with you to give you more information about the groups and help you decide where you can best serve and be served. Give Joe a call at 815.519.3641 or connect via email at

If you have further questions about ABFs or other ministries for adults, please contact Pastor Tim Bruns at 815.459.1095 (x329) or



9 am • Rooms 211 • Email Bill

Led by Bill Bliler. This is a topic driven group. The name is indicative of a desire for the Word of God to pull the group closer to Christ and to each other. They are characterized by a dynamic discussion and love and support for their members.


10:30 am • Rooms 214-216 • Email Fred

Led by Fred Pfau. This is a multi generation group with emphasis on community, prayer, support and Bible study. They enjoy hosting monthly small groups, socials and other activities throughout the year.


10:30 am • Room  212 • Email Bob

Led by Bob Bishop. The desire of this group is to continue serving the Lord and others in the "primetime" season of life.

Three Strands

9 am • Room 213 • Email Brian

Led by Brian Barnes. This ABF’s name reflects a goal to foster the relationship between husband, wife, and families united together with Christ in order to stand against opposition as prescribed in Ecclesiastes 4:12. This relationship is deepened through corporate prayer, in-depth Bible study, and bi-monthly breakfast socials.

Women of Influence

10:30 am  • Room 215 •  Email Janet Jean

Led by Janet Jean Dobda. This group is made up of women who are  married, divorced, widowed, and single. All are welcome into a fellowship designed to encourage growth in faith and understanding of the scriptures.