A Messiah for All Peoples

Speaker: Pastor Jay Childs
Scripture: Mark 7:24-8:26
Series: The Gospel of Mark

Sermon Notes

  1. Reaching Out to the Gentiles (vv. 7:24-8:10)
  2. Warning the Jews (vv. 8:11-26)

Discussion Questions

Download the questions as a printable PDF file.


How many different countries have you been in? (Who has been in the most? The strangest?)


  1. Read Mark 7:24-30.
    • Where is this woman from geographically? Why another demon story?
    • Why do you think this story is included in Mark?
    • What does she mean in verse 28? Why does Jesus respond as He does?
  2. Read Mark 7:31-37.
    • Where was the Decapolis? (Reference a map.) Why would the disciples see this place as creepy?
    • Where is somewhere creepy you’ve been? How did you respond? Why?
    • Why did Jesus instruct them to remain silent about this healing in verse 36?
  3. Discuss God’s heart for the nations from these passages: Psalm 67; Isaiah 19:19-25, 66:19-21.
  4. Read Mark 8:1-10.
    • Go back and read the feeding of the 5,000 from chapter 6. Note similarities and differences.
    • How would the stories we’ve read today be a real jolt to the Jews?
  5. Read Mark 8:11-26.
    • What is His warning to the Pharisees? Why is Jesus so harsh on religious leaders?
    • What is His rebuke to the disciples?
    • Why is it so easy to forget after a mountaintop experience with God?
    • Discuss some times when you’ve been amazed how quickly you forget.


  • Jesus reached out to all types of people. Discuss why it is easier to reach out to people who are most like us. What does Jesus model in these passages. How could we improve at this?
  • Do you regularly pray for any missionaries on the field?
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