Jonah: God's Missionary Heart

Speaker: Pastor Jay Childs
Scripture: Jonah
Series: Get Your Global Vision On

Sermon Notes

  1. Running from God's Will (Jonah 1-2)
  2. God's Compassion for the Nations (Jonah 3-4)

Discussion Questions

Download the questions as a printable PDF file.


Briefly share one highlight from your summer.


  1. Read Jonah 1 out loud. What is the context of this unusual book?
  2. Describe who Jonah was, where he lived, when he lived, where he sailed from, where he ended up. (Use a study Bible if possible.)
  3. Jonah tried to run away from God. Is this possible? Read Psalm 139:7-12. Describe a time you tried to run away from God.
  4. What were the results of Jonah’s disobedience? How is disobedience insanity?
  5. Read Jonah 1:17 and 2:10. Discuss the implications of this verse for God’s sovereignty over all things. What are some other examples of God’s sovereignty over animals, weather, people, etc.?
  6. Read Jonah 2:8. Jonah seemed to understand God’s loving-kindness and grace. How can we as Christians obtain the mercy of God? Read Hebrews 4:14-16.
  7. Read the last sentence in Jonah 2:9. Why might this be the most important statement in the entire book?
  8. Read Jonah 3 out loud. Describe Jonah’s sermon. Was the repentance real? Why? Why not?
  9. Read Jonah 4 out loud. Why was Jonah so upset? What is our attitude toward those least like us?
  10. How does Jonah reveal God’s heart for the nations?


Pray for your adopted missionary family (or for one of our missionary families). 


Parents, we are pleased to include a family-oriented section to the Community Group questions. Our goal is to assist you in taking what you have learned through the sermon and discussed in your group and “bring it home” to your family.

  1.  Most characters in the book of Jonah listen to, respond to, obey, or worship the Lord: the sailors (Jonah 1:14-16), creation (winds, fish, plant, and worm in 1:4, 15, 17; 2:10; 4:6-8), and the people of Nineveh (3:5-9). The exception to this, at least at first, is the prophet Jonah. It takes a “whale of a tale” to get him to come around, and even then his attitude is not the best (4:1). Why is obedience so important? Read and discuss some of these verses: 1 Samuel 15:22; Psalm 119:34; Matthew 28:20; John 15:10; Ephesians 6:1; Colossians 3:20; Hebrews 13:7, 17; and 2 John 6. Why is obedience (doing the right thing) so hard? Share with your kids an area or two where you struggle and are challenged about obedience. As a family, how can you help each other get better at obedience?
  2. One way to “get your global vision on” is reading missionary biographies. Next Sunday, take your children to the church library. You will find a great selection of age-appropriate stories that your family will enjoy reading together!
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