What Is Your Response to Jesus?

Speaker: Pastor Jay Childs
Scripture: Mark 14-15
Series: The Gospel of Mark

Sermon Notes

  1. Worship (vv. 14:1-9)
  2. Betrayal (vv. 14:10-26)
  3. Desertion (vv. 14:27-52)
  4. Rejection (vv. 14:53-15:47)

Discussion Questions

Download the questions as a printable PDF file.


Describe some of the responses you’ve seen people have to Jesus.


  1. What were the main points of the sermon? Discuss the different responses.
  2. Read Mark 14:1-11. Discuss why this story is so simple, yet so powerful. What can we learn?
  3. Read Mark 14:12-26. Notice verse 19.
    • Discuss the disciples’ surprise at Jesus’ statement.
    • If no one immediately suspected Judas of being the betrayer, how good of an impostor was he?
    • Why can counterfeit Christians look so authentic? What is the real test of saving faith?
  4. Read Mark 14:27-52, 66-72. Contrast Peter and Judas. Why was one saved and the other lost?
    • Have you known someone who professed faith in Jesus but was later proved to be a “false disciple”?
    • What are ways we abandon Jesus? Would anyone be willing to share of a time they did so?
    • How can we come back to Jesus if we’ve wandered? Does anyone need prayer right now?
  5. Read Mark 14:53-62 and Daniel 7:13-14. Discuss Jesus’ use of “Son of Man” as a title for Himself.
  6. Read John 1:1, 14. Who is Jesus according to John?
  7. Read Mark 15:1-20. Discuss Pilate’s complex response to Jesus—and his conflicting attitudes.
  8. Research ahead of time: Pilate’s relationship with the emperor, Tiberius. How was Pilate walking a tight rope between the Jews and Tiberius?
  9. Research ahead of time: What were the basic components of a Roman crucifixion?
  10. Read Mark 15:33-34. What was going on here? Why did Jesus say this? What was really happening?


Have you asked your own children the question, “What is your response to Jesus?”
When is the last time you presented the gospel to someone? Discuss what happened.


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