The Last Battle

Speaker: Pastor Jay Childs
Scripture: Daniel 10-12
Series: Daniel: Finding Hope in Our Faithful God

  1. The Messenger (ch. 10)
  2. The Message (ch. 11)
  3. The Mandate (ch. 12)

Discussion Questions

Download the discussion questions as a printable PDF file.


What do you like most about the book of Daniel? How have you been encouraged?


  1. Read Daniel 10:1-6. Who was this messenger? Why did he come? Does God still send angels today?
  2. Where are other angelic visitations in the Bible? What happened in some of these instances?
  3. Since Mormonism and Islam both began with “angelic visitations,” how are we to discern if an angel is good or evil? Read Galatians 1:6-9.
  4. Skim through Daniel 10. What were Daniel’s physical reactions to seeing this angel?
  5. What do we learn about spiritual warfare in chapter 10? Have you ever sensed being in a spiritual war?
  6. Read Daniel 11:1-9. What was the angel’s first role (verse 1), and what does that reveal? What would happen in Persia (v. 2) and then in Greece (vv. 3-4)? What will be the sequence of events in the south (Egypt) and north (Syria)?
  7. Compare Daniel 11 and Revelation 16. What similarities do you see regarding the Last Battle?
  8. In Daniel 11:14-19, what tactics will the king of the north use to get his way (v. 17)? How will he treat the “beautiful land” of Israel (v. 16)? In verses 20-28, who will seize power next (v. 21), and how will he do it (vv. 21, 23)? Who will his heart be set against (v. 28)?
  9. Discuss how the narrative seems to shift in 11:36ff. Who is now being discussed? Why? What is said about this person? What will he do? What else do we know about him from Scripture?
  10. In Daniel 12:1, what time is now being referred to? Why? (cf. Matthew 24:21ff)
  11. What is the mandate Daniel is given? How does this apply to us today?


Discuss how Daniel 10-12 ties into the theme of God’s faithfulness in Daniel’s book.

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