The Irreducible Qualifications for Leadership in Christ's Church

Speaker: Pastor Marty Voltz
Scripture: Titus 1:5-9
Series: The Irreducible Gospel

It is an almost unheard of thing that a local church should rise above the level of her leadership. This being the case, God's people should give special attention to the selection of their leaders.

  1. With regards to reputation before the community, church leaders should be blameless (vv. 6-7).
  2. With regards to their leadership in their own families, church leaders should be:
    • faithful to his wife (v. 6).
    • in control of his own children (v. 6).
  3. With regards to vices to be avoided, church leaders must not be under the control of any one of the five strong temptations:
    • pride: overbearing (v. 7).
    • temper: quick-tempered (v. 7).
    • drink: given to drunkenness (v. 7).
    • power: violent (v. 7).
    • money: pursuing dishonest gain (v. 7).
  4. With regards to virtues to be pursued, church leaders should show themselves to be:
    • hospitable (v. 8).
    • those who love what is good (v. 8).
    • self-controlled (v. 8).
    • upright in their dealings with others (v. 8).
    • holy—devout in their relationship with God (v.8).
    • disciplined (v. 8).
  5. With regards to doctrine, church leaders must:
    • hold firmly to the inspired message (v. 9).
    • encourage others by sound doctrine (v. 9).
    • refute those who oppose sound doctrine (v. 9ff)

Once we have determined the scriptural qualifications for leadership in Christ's Church, we may give our attention to several important implications growing out of Paul's teachings on leadership.

  1. The character of church leaders is more important than the word used to designated their roles in the church.
  2. The character of church leaders is more important to our Lord than their gifts, experience, training, or past successes.
  3. The maturity of church leaders is more important than their age.
  4. The past indiscretions of church leaders are less important than evidence of present holiness.
  5. The godliness of church leaders is more important than their gender.
  6. The ability of church leaders to control their own family and themselves is more important than their ability to control others.

Action Steps

  1. Know and apply these criteria for leadership when selecting or affirming church leaders.
  2. If you have a concern about a church leader, take your concern directly to him.
  3. If you still suffer from a past hurt at the hands of a church leader, actively seek personal healing.
  4. Seek to make the work of your church leaders an occasion for joy rather than burden (Hebrews 13:17).
Posted on July 14, 2013 and filed under The Irreducible Gospel.