On the Mountaintop with Jesus

Speaker: Pastor Marty Voltz
Scripture: Luke 9:22-36
Series: Lessons from the Mountaintop

From the mountaintop, we can see things that cannot be observed from the valley below.

  1. On the mountaintop, God prepares us for spiritual battles to be fought in the valley below (v. 37ff).
  2. On the mountaintop, God prepares us for our own personal cross (v. 31).
  3. On the mountaintop, God gives us a glimpse of the greater glory still to come (v. 32).

Personal application: One does not go to the mountaintop to buy God’s love or to get His blessing on our plans, but to gain a glimpse of His glory and to be prepared for life in the valley below.

Posted on June 23, 2013 and filed under Lessons . . . Mountaintop.