COME: Come and See

Speaker: Pastor Marty Voltz
Scripture: John 1:35-51
Series: COME

What makes a "great invitation" great?

  1. The nature of the invitation is to "come and see":
    1. It's an invitation to the true seeker (vv. 35-37).
    2. It's an invitation to honest inquiry (vv. 46-47).
    3. It's the invitation of one who can bear close scrutiny (v. 39).
  2. The results of accepting this invitation:
    1. If we come, we risk being convinced (vv. 41, 45).
    2. If we come, we must be ready for intimacy.
    3. If we come to Him, we risk self-disclosure (vv. 42, 47).
    4. If we come to Him, we must be ready for more than we dreamed of (vv. 38-41, 46-49).
  3. The rewards that await those who say "yes" to Jesus' invitation:
    1. The results we fear are the very rewards that we will receive.
    2. Something we can be certain of.
    3. Someone who truly loves us.
    4. Someone who knows and understands us.
    5. Something bigger than we've even dreamed of.

Personal application: A "great invitation" calls for a thoughtful response.

Posted on September 8, 2013 and filed under COME.