Looking to serve but not sure where you'll fit in? Fill in the survey below to let us know a little more about you—what your schedule is like, what your spiritual gifts are, and what kind of team style you prefer. We will use that information to recommend current or upcoming serving opportunities that are tailored specifically to you!

Step One: Spiritual Gifts

Within each Christ follower is at least one spiritual gift given by the Holy Spirit. Using our gifts can bring blessings to the entire body and a sense of belonging to us personally, while not using them may bring sadness and a sense of frustration. We want to encourage you that you God indeed has a purpose for you within this body!

Please pray as you take this spiritual gifts test, asking God to help you answer the questions thoughtfully and honestly.  The gift or gifts you have exist to meet needs within our body and to glorify Jesus Christ.

Step Two: Volunteer Survey

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