What Is a Spiritual Gift?

Within each Christ follower is at least one spiritual gift given by the Holy Spirit. Using our gifts can bring blessings to the entire body and a sense of belonging to us personally, while not using them may bring sadness and a sense of frustration. We want to encourage you that God indeed has a purpose for you within this body.

Please pray as you take this spiritual gifts inventory test, asking God to help you answer the questions thoughtfully and honestly.  The gift or gifts you have exist to meet needs within our body and to glorify Jesus Christ. 

Consider talking with our Director of Connections Ministries, Jill Cristao,
to see how she may help you understand your gifts and help you apply them here: or 815.459.1095 (x314)

Do you already know what
your spiritual gifts are?

We would love for you to share them with us! Your information is valuable for our church body to help live our our mission to Follow, Connect and Make.  Occasionally, we may call or email you in the future to see if you'd like to meet a need within our church. We understand that at times serving is convenient and at other times, we may need to be served or simply cannot use our gifts for others due to circumstances in our own lives. We only want to give you the opportunity to serve if it's a good fit for you. 

Regardless, we hope you'll take the spiritual gifts test to find out so you can better understand how God has wired you. 


Additional Resources

For more information about the different gifts, we recommend the following resources:

Discover Your Gifts, by C. Peter Wagner
A classic book on spiritual gifts. (See Jill Cristao for loaner copies.)

Definitions and Descriptions, by Jeff Carver
Informative descriptions of the spiritual gifts

Disclaimer: there are a number of different views on spiritual gifts within the global community of believers. These resources are meant to be helpful and informative, but we do not necessarily agree with all of the views presented or endorse the ministries listed above.