The mission and purpose of our Technical Ministries is to promote the growth of our church and the spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ through the use of technology, including audio, video, lighting, presentation software, IT support, and Internet services. We accomplish this through the faithful service of volunteer teams. All ages and skill sets are welcome to join; all that is required is a desire to serve!

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Audio team members include front-of-house engineers and audio assistants. As these positions often require hands-on learning, experienced team members often mentor new assistants during rehearsals and services. This is a great opportunity for those with an interest in sound equipment and an ear for music. 


The Projection team enhances our services through lyric projections, sermon illustrations, videos,
and announcements. We currently use Microsoft PowerPoint and Easy Worship. Team members
coordinate with the video mixer.

Live Videography

Camera operators, video mixers, and copyists record and distribute our services to those outside our sanctuary via DVDs and live streaming. Using an intercom system, our video mixers direct the camera operators to produce our live video feed throughout our building and online during service times.
Minimal training is needed for camera operators, while video mixers will undergo more extensive training. 


Light operators program and implement stage and room lighting for our services and special events. Operating lights for a service requires minimal training; programming the lights requires an in-depth knowledge of lighting design and computer skills.

Produced Videography

Camera operators, directors, lighting engineers, and video mixers work together to create short video announcements and other short video projects to enhance the communication of upcoming events and ministry opportunities during services and through social media.

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Doug Friesen
Pastor of Worship Ministries
815.459.1095 (x313)

Mike Niemi
Director of Technical Ministries
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