Church information at your fingertips.

With our church app, "My EFCCL", you can update your personal and family information, listen to
Pastor Jay's sermons, access our blog and social media, and even tithe to the church - all in one convenient location. Check out the list of features and directions below to ensure you get the most out of our app!

Where to start?

Once you have the app downloaded on your phone (links are available on this page if needed), when you open the app you will see a generic church info page (#1 below). The three horizontal bars in the upper left corner of the screen is the navigation/menu for the rest of the app. Click on the navigation menu and you will see a new list of available features (#2 below). 

Media Center: Accessing Sermons

Click on Media Center in the navigation menu to access sermon audio and video files from the beginning of 2016 to the present. You will notice you can sort the sermons by either recent, series, or archived
(#3 and #4 below). *Older sermons from 2012-2015 can be viewed from this link here

Click on a series you want to explore and you will be taken to a page with all of the sermons for that series (#5 below). The sermons are listed by title and date - just choose the one you want and you will be taken to the page for that sermon. From here, you can watch the video, listen to the audio, and even download sermon questions if they are available (#6 below).

Connect with Us

From this tab, you can access our social media, live streaming, blog and even our Online Portal
(#7 below).

Online Portal: What is it?

The Online Portal is essentially a window into the church's database. To be able to use certain features, like our Church Directory, and update your personal information - and your family info as well, you will need to create an EFCCL account with our database. When you click on the Online Portal (found under the connect tab), a new window in your phone's internet browser will open. *Please note that at this point you are no longer in the app, and on the internet. The window you see will prompt you to log-in. If you do not have an EFCCL account, you will need to create one - it only takes a few moments (#8 below). 

When you create an account you will be able to update your personal information, and your family information as well. You can upload photos for everyone and even a family photo. These will be seen in the Church Directory in the app and when you check-in at church on one of our kiosks.

*If you login or create an account with an email that is already in our church database, you will automatically have access to your profile information AND the Church Directory. If you do not, your account will have to be validated by our Data Specialist as the Church Directory is ONLY available to church members and regular attenders.

Did you know you can also access the online portal via the internet at

Checking-in and Church Attendance

Our new mobile app also allows you to "check-in" to Worship Service and record your attendance.
If you click on "Check-in" from the navigation menu, any church event or Worship Service that is happening at that time will be made available for you to "check-in". While recording your attendance is not mandatory, it helps us stay current with all our regular attenders and members and keeps our database up-to-date.

Online Giving

Online giving is not only convenient but also really easy to do!  When you click on "Giving" in the navigation menu you will have the option to either "Login " or "Give as a Guest" (#9 below). 
If you choose to login, you will only have to enter your payment information once; if you continue to give as a guest, you will be asked each time to enter payment information (#10 below).

Once your information for online giving has been entered, a screen will come up where you will fill out the amount you wish to give, choose what fund your tithe will go towards, and add comments if needed (#11 and 12 below).

Giving literally takes seconds to do

It's true. If you are logged in and your payment information has been entered and stored in your EFCCL account, you can tithe to the church in as quick as 5 seconds!! (We tested it!)


Contact our Data Specialist:
Mary Pearson 815-459-1095 x316