Have you ever wished that someone would take the time to invest
in your faith? 

We believe a person is transformed by the systematic study of the Bible. When someone can mentor us in the process, we receive a multiplied impact.


How It Works

Your mentor will work with you in a one-on-one relationship (or sometimes one-on-two), studying the Real Faith materials from CRU and Dr. Bill Bright. Men are partnered with men; women are partnered with women.

The two of you will work together to decide a meeting schedule, whether weekly or bi-weekly, and it is up to you to decide how long you will meet together. Relationship is as important in this process as the materials that you will be studying. If you find you are not connecting with your mentor or that your schedules are not compatible, please contact Joan, Omar, or Rose at the phone numbers below.

At the end of your discipleship experience, you will be encouraged to take another person through the same process.

Getting Started

Contact us today to request a mentor:

Joan Wagner 815-459-1095 (x323) •
Omar and Rose Sutherland • 847-639-6407

At times, there is a waiting list for the one-to-one mentoring program. We appreciate your patience as we pray for the right person to match as a mentor for you!

Once you are assigned a mentor, you can purchase the Real Faith materials from EFCCL for $15 and set up your first meeting.

Contact Us

Joan Wagner
Director of Ministry to Women
815-459-1095 (x323)

Omar and Rose Sutherland
Mentoring Coordinators