“But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and forever! Amen.”
— 2 Peter 3:18, NIV

What Adult Electives Are

Adult Electives are free courses offered throughout the year, made available to anyone in the church or community who would like to:

  • LEARN: Grasp the big picture of God’s Word and your part in it

  • APPLY: Rightly handle the truth of scripture and apply it to life

  • GROW: Develop a solid foundation of biblical doctrine, worldview, and discernment

Why We Offer Adult Electives

The vision of our church is to Follow. Connect. Make. Adult Electives will help you to passionately follow Jesus through increasing your Bible knowledge, promoting spiritual growth, training you to apply biblical wisdom to every area of your life, and equipping you to make disciples.

See below for  in-depth information about the three different kinds of classes available—Getting Acquainted Classes, Core Classes, and Specialized Classes—as well as individual course descriptions.

How to Get Involved

Explore the content below for an overview of the three different kinds of classes available—Getting Acquainted Classes, Core Classes, and Specialized Classes—as well as individual course descriptions.

CONTACT: If you have any questions about Adult Electives or a specific class, please contact Pastor Tim Bruns (815.459.1095 x329).

Course Listings

Getting Acquainted Classes

These one-session classes allow you to get a quick overview of the Bible, our church, what we believe, and how to connect and grow as a disciple of Jesus:


Core Classes

This core curriculum is offered regularly over a multi-year cycle, with each class taking approximately one month to complete. We encourage everyone to complete this core curriculum:

Specialized Classes

Offered intermittently, these classes offer a more in-depth look at biblical books, doctrinal topics, and practical life application:

  • Introduction to Missions

  • World Religions

  • Marriage

  • Parenting

  • Worship & Prayer

  • Personal Finance

  • Current Issues from a Biblical Perspective

2019 Schedule:

Adult Elective classes are breaking for the summer and will resume again in September.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where should I begin?

If you are newer to our church or have had little exposure to the Bible, begin with the Getting Acquainted Classes (scheduling varies) — specifically the introduction to the Bible, our church, and what we believe. Others can begin with a Core or Specialized Class that interests you.

2. How much time do I have to take these classes?

Adult Electives are classes you take at your own pace. This is an ongoing ministry that complements Sunday morning preaching and Community Groups. Many of these classes will be offered every year or two, so think long-term: begin with one or two classes a year (as your schedule permits) and see this ministry as a continual resource of biblical, theological, and practical training. (There will be special recognition when a person has completed all of the Core Classes.)

3. Do classes need to be taken in any kind of order?

We recommend that the Bible survey classes be taken in order—Old Testament and then New Testament—since they naturally build on one another. Otherwise, you may “bounce around” between the three types of classes.

4. When will these classes be offered?

In 2016, we will be offering one or two Adult Elective classes during each worship hour. We are also looking to add classes on weeknights and Saturday mornings. Check back often to see when more classes have been added to the schedule above.

5. Do I need to register?

No! Just show up to the class you are interested in attending.

6. What if there is no more room in the class I want to take?

The class will be offered again in the future. The Getting Acquainted Classes and Core Classes will be offered regularly over a multi-year cycle.

7. Is there any cost?

Most classes are free of charge. An exception will be something like Crown Financial, since class materials need to be purchased from the publisher.

8. How can I participate in Adult Electives if I am a part of an ABF class or serve in ministry?

There are three things to consider. First, you can choose to take a week or a month off from your ABF or area of ministry in order to attend an elective. Lastly, we will be looking at the possibility of bringing some of these elective topics into the ABF classes.

9. I still have more questions; whom can I talk to?

You may contact Tim Bruns, the Pastor of Adult and Care Ministries.

Tim Bruns: 815.459.1095 (x329) • tbruns@efccl.org