Old Testament Survey

This stands as a core class and a prerequisite to other Bible-related classes. It is foundational not only for the understanding of the New Testament but also to the understanding of the Bible as a whole. The Old Testament was scripture quoted by Jesus and the Apostles, but it also represents the foundational theology for early Christians and the Church prior to the development of the biblical canon.

The Old Testament primarily deals with questions about God’s character, plan, and relationship with His human creation. This course seeks to explore the theological relationship, harmony, and unity between the major sections of the Old Testament in two parts:

SESSION 1: The Law and History (Genesis through Esther)
SESSION 2: The Prophets and Poetry (Job through Malachi)

Explore the context and connection of the Old Testament books, their role in understanding God’s redemptive plan, and how the contemporary believer can benefit from it.

  • Learn the historical, geographical and cultural context in order to promote a better understanding of their message and purpose.
  • Learn about the language, transmission, and translations.
  • Learn how the people, places, and events in the Old Testament storyline shaped the relationship between God and man.
  • Learn about key theological and doctrinal principles and their impact to the Church in the New Testament.
  • Learn sound hermeneutical rules of Old Testament scripture interpretation and proper application to your Christian walk.
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