New Testament Survey

If we were to summarize the entire New Testament in one phrase, “God among us” would probably be it. The New Testament is a collection of books written about the incarnated God in the person of Jesus Christ and the story of His divine role, relationship, and ministry to humanity.

This class follows the people, places, and events that led to the single most important event in history—the Cross—and the subsequent birth, growth and future of the Church. It also seeks to reveal the theological unity and progression of the New Testament’s in two major segments:

SESSION 1: The Gospels and Acts (Matthew through Acts)
SESSION 2: Pauline Letters, General Letters, and Revelation (Romans through Revelation)

  • Identify your own individual role within God’s redemptive plan.
  • Learn the historical and cultural context in order to promote a better understanding of the primary message of the Gospel.
  • Learn the similarities and differences between the Gospels (the synoptic problem) and their overreaching theological message.
  • Learn the purpose and theology of the Pauline and General Letters, specifically how they shape our beliefs and behavior.
  • Learn how the New Testament Church teachings are completely reliable and relevant to the contemporary Church and its ministry to the world and culture around us.
  • Learn from the early Christians how to develop and persevere in spiritual disciplines.
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