Introduction to Baptism

We offer baptism classes several times a year to share more about this important step of obedience. Baptism is a public declaration of what has happened in the life of a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. In this sense, it is similar to a graduation ceremony in high school or college. The ceremony itself does not entitle a person to graduate; the ceremony is simply a time to publicly declare what has already happened—namely, that the person has completed four years of education. Likewise, baptism does not entitle a person to salvation.

The act of baptism is a time to declare what has already happened—that a person has repented and entrusted his or her life to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. By going under the water, we identify with Christ’s death and burial; being lifted out of the water, we identify with His resurrection (see Romans 6:3-5).

Additional Requirements

  • Submit a baptism application and your written testimony.
  • Discuss your application and testimony with a pastor.
  • Publicly share your testimony at a baptism service.
Posted on September 5, 2015 and filed under Getting Acquainted.