Do you have the best chili or mac & cheese recipe? Enter our cook-off and find out! 

Sunday, February 17 | 12:00 pm | Activity Center

Join us for a chili/ mac & cheese cook-off  Everyone is invited to bring your best chili or mac & cheese to share and to be voted on for a winner. Or, just come to taste test and vote on a winner - ALL ARE WELCOME!

PRIZES: 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for chili and mac & cheese

RULES: All chili and mac & cheese entries must be homemade! Please double your recipe so there is plenty for all. Also, be sure to label your entry so we know what kind of chili or mac & cheese you are entering.

*If you are not participating in the cook-off  but coming to taste-test and vote on a winner, we kindly ask that you sign-up to bring cornbread (enough to serve 12-24), or a dessert (enough to serve 12-24).


Stephanie Etten
Cook-off Coordinator
email Stephanie

Jill Cristao
Director of Connections and
Communications Ministries:
815-459-1095 x 314
email Jill

Help Wanted!

Community groups and individuals, we'd love your help with cleanup! If you are interested in helping, please contact Stephanie Etten.