Get involved in our Sunday morning ministry and share the gospel with the children of our church ! 


Small Group Helper, Route 66 (9:00 am)

Assist with activities and chaperoning children in the hallways as needed.  Assist with various aspects of the Sunday morning routine, including worship, finding Scriptures, classroom management, etc.

Worship Leader, Route 66 (9:00 and 10:45 am)

Use your musical talents or spin a CD to plan and lead young children in worship on Sunday mornings. Be on a rotation of leaders who help lead worship.  Using motions or child-friendly instruments is a plus! 

Craft helper, Route 66 (9:00 and 10:45 am)

If you love crafts, come in once per month to lead children through your special art activity that corresponds to the lesson for that day.  Craft supplies for 65 children may be reimbursed from the budget. 

Large Group Teaching Rotation, Route 66 (10:45 am)

Teach Bible lessons Kindergarten- 3rd grade  on a monthly rotation with other volunteers using a
pre-approved curriculum.  

Bulletin Board Designer, Route 66 (anytime, quarterly) 

We have 15 different bulletin boards in the Route 66 area that need to be refreshed.  Work with the Children’s Discipleship director to plan, purchase, and create interactive bulletin boards. 

Learning Center Facilitator, Route 66 (9:00 am or 10:45 am)

With a team, design and put together supplies for several “learning centers” on various aspects of the Christian life such as prayer, evangelism, the Bible, etc. which can be used by both readers and non-readers.  Manipulatives, puzzles, games, experiments, journals, and more could be included. Kindergarten through third grade boys and girls would be rotating through the learning centers on various weeks.   

Interested in volunteering
or have questions?

Heather Soukup
Children's Discipleship Director
815-459-1095 x336
Email Heather

Eileen Palsgrove Paradise Island Coordinator 815-459-1095 x346   Email Eileen

Eileen Palsgrove
Paradise Island Coordinator
815-459-1095 x346

Email Eileen


Tutoring would be a new ministry to be developed for Summer 2019 or beyond. Planning would begin immediately. 
Teachers would help determine Christian based educational materials and work with low readers to improve reading
skills in a summer camp setting. Expect to use a variety of literary genres and activities.