Weekly on Wednesdays - Begins 11.01.17 | 9-11 am | Room 211 | $15
Led by Dianna O'Connor

"Detours" is a DVD study by Pastor Tony Evans examining the life of Joseph and God's Sovereignty. God is at work even when life seems to be going wrong. Joseph endured betrayal, abandonment, injustice, and confusion before understanding God’s sovereign plan to redirect him from the pit to the palace. Even today it’s easy to wonder why God would allow calamity to happen or if He’s in control at all. Whether through uncontrollable circumstances or the pain of personal relationships, everyone has experienced unforeseen changes in life. This study helps believers navigate detours that may take you through trials, injustice, and even betrayal. You will be comforted and encouraged when you learn to rest in God’s redemptive plan and the hope found in God’s sovereign will. This study will be led by Diana O'Connor.

*No child care is available


Turning Points in Church History

Weekly on Tuesdays - Begins 9.12.17  |  9-11 am | Room 211 | $13
 Led by Kim Alvarez

This book isolates key events that provide a framework for understanding the history of Christianity. The book presents Christianity as a worldwide phenomenon rather than just a Western experience.

Now organized around 14 key moments in church history, this well-received text provides contemporary Christians with a fuller understanding of God as he has revealed his purpose through the centuries.

*No child care is available

Treasures from the Parables

Weekly on Tuesdays - Begins 9.12.17  |  7-9 pm| Room 110 | $13
 Led by Janette Dickerson

Treasures from the Parables covers selected parables of Jesus that deal with subjects such as lost things, what to do while waiting for the Lords return, God's invitation, and the temorary vs. the eternal...

The parables are very exciting and challenging portions of Scripture. Like a mystery novel, there is always something veiled, something hidden within them; thus they are enticing and challenging. Hidden clues encourage us to investigate and discover the hidden truths, which will become real treasures that enrich our lives and deepen our walk with the Lord when we apply those truths to our lives.

*No child care is available


All Things New: 2 Corinthians

Weekly on Wednesdays - Begins 9.13.17  |  9-11 am | Library | $13
 Led by Dianna O'Connor

Dianna will lead you through the Letter of 2 Corinthians, exploring the anchoring truths of bearing treasures in jars of clay, meeting Christ through a pressing thorn, opening wide your heart in the midst of hurtful relationships, and what it means to embrace the lost and lonely as ministers of the new covenant.

Each of us has a message to proclaim and live by: Because of Jesus the old has gone, the new has come.

*No child care is available


**Childcare IS available for all Thursday Bible Studies.
Thursday classes meet on opposite weeks of our Embrace Ministry. Please see below for each individual class schedule.


Thursdays - Begins 9.28.17  | 9-11 am | Room 213 | $16
 Led by Emily Peterson

God said, "Be strong and courageous! Do not tremble or be dismayed." Increase your faith in God who has put you in His grip and will never let you go! This study will charge you up and encourage you to press on!

2017 Schedule: September 28, October 12 & 26, November 9 & 30, December 14
2018 Schedule: January 18, February 8 & 22, March 8 & 22, April 12 & 26

Fresh Encounters: A Journaling Study

Thursdays - Begins 9.28.17  |  9-11 am | Room 214/216 | $9
 Led by Suzanne Page and  Heather Soukup

Read, study and journal through the book of Ephesians.

2017 Schedule: September 28, October 12 & 26, November 9 & 30, December 14
2018 Schedule: January 18, February 8 & 22, March 8 & 22, April 12 & 26

Behold Your God

Thursdays - Begins 9.28.17  |  9-11 am | Room 211 | $20
 Led by Joan Wagner

This 12 week study combines a look at God's character with a brief historical profile of a notable Christian. This study will challenge your ideas about God, and about your own identity as His child. Come discover what many women in our church have called the most important study they have ever done:

"Behold Your God is about knowing God. This is a rich study –my thinking of God was challenged, my understanding of Him through the Word increased, I was convicted of my sin, and my heart was enlarged with love and worship of the only true God."

2017 Schedule: September 28, October 12 & 26, November 9 & 30, December 14
2018 Schedule: January 18, February 8 & 22, March 8 & 22, April 12 & 26

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Director of Women's Ministries
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