2017 Summer Schedule

Women's Word-Filled Workshop in Colossians

Weekly on Tuesdays |  9-11 am | Room 123/125
 June 20 - July 25  •  Led by Heather Soukup and Chelsea Bloom

Join Heather Soukup and Chelsea Bloom as we dive into the book of Colossians. Learn how to study a passage of the Bible using some basic tools of exposition and how to lead a study. Weekly worksheets provided using materials adapted from The Gospel Coalition. 

*A 3-ring binder is needed for this class
*No child care is available

Life of Abraham

Weekly on  Thursdays | 9-11 am | Room 123/125
June 22 - July 27  • Led by Heather Soukup

Learn to live a life of faith and generosity as we explore the Bible's rich story of Abraham. Written by Heather Soukup. Weekly notes and homework given.

*Child care is available

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Heather Soukup
Director of Women's Ministries
815.459.1095 x323