April 27, 7 pm - April 28, 8:30 am

All T&T Girls are invited join us for a fun-filled evening of games, pizza, snacks, crafts, a movie, breakfast and even a fun surprise! There will be free-time at the end of the evening for girls to play boardgames (please bring a boardgame if you wish), color or just hang out with their friends.  

Moms are invited to sleepover with their girls, but it is NOT required.

Here's what you need to know...

Do NOT bring any portable music/DVD players/tablets or iPads.
• Wear comfortable clothing!
• Modest PJ's please.
• We will be sleeping on the Activity Center floor so there is plenty of room to spread out for air matresses or cots if you so desire. Tents are allowed and provide some additional privacy - however a simple sleeping bag on the floor is fine too.
• Please bring whatever you think will make  you and your child more comfortable. Except pets. Don't bring pets!
If any moms would like to help provide treats, help with breakfast on Saturday morning or just want to help in some way, please contact Kim Ackert (contact info on this page).


Kim Ackert | T&T Girls Coordinator
Email Kim

Sleepover Activities

Friday, April 27
• Games
• Pizza & Snacks
• Craft
• Movie
• A Fun Surprise!

Saturday, April 28
• A Simple Breakfast: fruit, granola bars,
yogurt etc.
 • Clean up and depart after breakfast