Our annual church picnic is Sunday,  August 20 following our combined service at 10:45 am. We are looking for people to volunteer and join Team Picnic!
Make our Annual Church Picnic extra special by volunteering to serve with us. All Volunteers will receive a "Team Picnic" t-shirts and special treats! 

Review the list below to see a complete list of volunteers needed and their job descriptions.

Volunteer Positions Needed

Picnic Set Up Crew | 20 volunteers

• 20 people needed total - 10 for Saturday (9:00 - 11:00 am) and 10 for Sunday (9:00 - 10:40 am)
Saturday Duties Include: placing serving tables, stake out route for the hay ride, bag garbage cans and place on the grounds
Sunday Duties Include: set up chairs at tables, set up Bago games, put out blow-ups and generators, place garbage cans, fill coolers with water and ice, set up Senior seating area in South Lobby, set up serving tables.

Refuse or Water Duty | 4 volunteers

• 4 people needed total - MUST BE 18 years or older! | Sunday during the picnic
Refuse Duties Include: haul garbage to dumpster, re-bag garbage cans, put garbage cans away after picnic
Water Duties Include: keep coolers full of ice and water, dump ice and return water to building after the picnic

Food Servers/Replenishers/Rotators | 8 volunteers

• 2 shifts at both 12:00 and 1:00 pm | 2 people per shift
Duties Include: Replenish serving tables with food as needed

Grounds Clean Up | 25 - 30 volunteers

• Sunday after picnic, 3:00 - 5:30 pm
Duties Include: stack and haul rental chairs for pick up, wipe down tables, disconnect generators from blow-up games, break down and fold up blow-ups, collect board toss games and return to Student Center, collect garbage from grounds, remove stakes from hay ride route

Food/Kitchen Clean Up | 5-6 volunteers

• Sunday after picnic
Duties Include: helping to clean up extra food and make sure the kitchen is spotless!

Food Crew | 8 volunteers

• Sunday morning, 9:00 - 11:00 am
Duties Include: work at the drop-off area the South Parlor to collect food for the picnic, cart hot foods downstairs to keep warm in the kitchen, sort food according to group (salad, dessert, veggies etc...)

Hot Dog Hut | 2-3 volunteers

• Sunday, during the picnic
Duties Include: working with the hot dog machine to cook hot dogs, replenish condiments and buns as needed

Game Crew | 2-3 volunteers

• Done in shifts | 1 person per shift
Duties Include: monitor kids on the blow-ups and games for safety

Baking Contest Crew | 5-6 volunteers

• Sunday during the picnic (after lunch)
Duties Include: help to sort desserts into 3 categories (pies, cookies, cakes) in staging area - library, help prepare desserts to be tasted (one per plate, per judge), cart/carry desserts from staging area to judging area

Baking Contest Judges | 9 - 12 volunteers

• Sunday during the picnic (after lunch) | 3-4 judges needed for each category: Pies, Cookies & Cakes
Duties Include: taste and judge each entry in the category you sign up for.  If you LOVE sweets and want to sample lots of yummy desserts, this job is for you!
*Please no food allergies, as we cannot control what ingredients are used in each entry