Throughout the year our pastors generously give of their time and talents to minister to our congregation. Annually, we look forward to the second Sunday in October, Pastor Appreciation Day, when we can show our appreciation to them!  A note of thanks is always appreciated. Some of us would like to do something for them or give them a gift. Because some of us are "idea challenged", we've asked our pastors to share ideas for ways we can best bless them. 

Pastor Jay and Becky:

They enjoy gift cards to Fresh Market, Public House in Woodstock, BBQ King, Olive Garden and The Cheesecake Factory.

Pastor Doug and Lisa:

They appreciate gift cards to Home Depot, restaurants and gas cards.
They also need help painting a bedroom in their home.

Pastor Ron and Mystele:

They enjoy gift cards to Chili’s, Outback, Chen’s, Chipotle, Culver’s, Target and Menard’s.
They also need help with electrical work and a staircase remodel.

Pastor Tim and Margie:

They enjoy notes of appreciation and spending time together over a meal.