"Beyond" is a new ministry geared towards to those graduated from high school and launching in the the next chapter of their lives; either currently in college or at the start of a career or pursuing whatever other doors God may have opened post high school. "Beyond" is focused on the unique passions and spiritual, intellectual, emotional, and social needs of these individuals looking for a place to connect.

Therefore let us move beyond the elementary teaching about Christ and be taken forward to maturity.

Beyond Schedule

"Beyond" will meet regularly on Friday nights from 7-9 pm at the Sosnowski home (4216 Belson Lane, Crystal Lake). Meetings consist of a time of fellowship, food, and Bible study.

Friday, June 9 |  7-9 pm
Friday, June 16  |  7-9 pm
Friday, June 23  |  *6 pm at Veteran Acres, Area B
Friday, June 30  |  No Meeting

Friday, July 7  |  No Meeting
Friday, July  14  |  No Meeting
Friday, July  21  |  7-9 pm
Friday, July  28  |  7-9 pm

Friday, August 4  |  7-9 pm
Friday, August 11  |  7-9 pm
Friday, August 18  |  7-9 pm
Friday, August 25  |  7-9 pm


Contact Us

Ron Kirkeeng
Pastor of Student Ministries and Outreach Ministries
815.459.1095 (x324)

Chris & Mandy Sosnowski
Ministry Leaders