Sunday, June 10 - "Move Up" Sunday

Families of Kindergarten - 5th grade students are invited to join us for a special family-friendly event!

Continental breakfast starts at 8:45 am | EFCCL Activity Center

Join your students in the Activity Center for a fun, family-friendly event on June 10, on "move up" Sunday.  Continental breakfast starts at 8:45 am in the Activity Center, followed by energetic singing, teaching, and lots of fun. 

Incoming third graders will receive their Bibles during this celebration.  Popcorn 45 students (4th-5th grade) will be dismissed part way through the morning to their own classroom. Youngest students can be dropped off as usual in Paradise Island.

Come find out what is new in Children's ministry for the summer and meet the staff who are working with your children. This special event is a chance for parents to disciple their children.  


What is FourTwelve?

FourTwelve is a special event for elementary aged students (Kindergarten-5th)  and their parents inspired by 1 Timothy 4:12: Let no one look down on you because you are young, but be an example to the believers in love, speech, purity, etc.  Parents are to be the primary disciple makers of their children, and the church helps with that biblical mandate by providing opportunities like this one.

Is FourTwelve an alternative worship service?

No.  FourTwelve is a chance for parents to connect with their elementary aged children in a Sunday School type environment.  FourTwelve is an opportunity for parents to experience what your child experiences on a regular basis in Sunday School. You will meet the volunteers who are working with your students, get introduced to your child’s curriculum,  and have an opportunity to share the gospel with your child. Your whole family should go upstairs to the worship center second hour. Parents should plan to forego their ABF or elective that day.

How often will you do FourTwelve?

At this time, FourTwelve is a stand alone single event.  If you like what you experienced today, please let us know so we can design more events like this one.  

Do I need to RSVP for FourTwelve?

No RSVP is required.

Does FourTwelve cost anything?

No, but we will take a freewill offering.


Heather Soukup
Children's Discipleship Director
815-459-1095 x336
Email Heather

Attention Parents of
incoming 3rd graders:

If you have not  already done so, please take a moment to fill out the form below and let us know if your soon-to-be 3rd grader would like to receive
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